Google’s services in the Celestial Empire has been completely banned, but Google is still an irreplaceable choice for many of my friends. There are now some alternatives to Google search services, are directly through the technical means of real-time mirror Google search results. This site has been running for more than six months, there has been no application for Google Adsense, namely Google Union (now can not apply, even if the application is successful, the domestic website there are many problems for the ad shows that most can not be displayed), where first advance Learning content, some up!

Adsense Analysis

Adsense Analytics

1, no content of the page prohibits the delivery of Google Adsense. 404 pages of the site, welcome, registration and other non-content network pages are not allowed to run Google Adsense ads. Especially the 404 page, because there is no content of the page, many webmasters blogger in order not to waste traffic, put a lot of advertising, this behavior is Google Adsense prohibited. Fashion

2, the copyright issues the site blog prohibits the delivery of Google Adsense. Mainly music MP3, video, newsgroups and image results and other content on the page. Such as film-like sites, real news sites, pure-picture sites, third-party video content construction blog site.

3, “copyright material” refers to the use of materials without authorization by the copyright owner, including movies, TV shows, television programs, music and songs (mp3, ringtones, flash), comics, books, software and so on. Particular attention to the copyright notice on the site (for example, “site collection and all content network, if violated your copyright, please notify us immediately, we will immediately remove”) it does not have any legal effect.

4, the induced click, so that visitors mistakenly click on the use of tools such as cheating clicks Google Adsense banned, in short, you need your Google Adsense normalization, naturalization. Please do not put ads in the visitor mouse easy to click on the location.

5, the position of the ad can be placed in the title of the text can only be “sponsored links” and “advertising” (Chinese and English), others such as “click here”, “support us (support us)” , “Visit these link”, or other content-independent terms, and similar terms that apply to any ad are completely prohibited.

6, Google Adsense Google Adsense can only comply with the provisions of the ban on Google Adsense change in floating ads, pop ads, coupled advertising, do not use the framework (FRAM) call Google ads, do not use CSS, JS, and other means to change Google Adsense ad slot size. WordPress Automatic Plugin

Also, do not often click on the location of some visitors are very close to the place Google Adsense ads!


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