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Our privacy policy states that we gather the best data for about the ongoing researches in the field and keep that data secured for your usage only.That data could be technical non-technical could be particular only on the researched word.If you are new to the online industry and want to become a successful blogger, you are in need of learning SEO. SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization, a tactic that you need to make your website appear higher in rankings. Whether it is Google, Bing, or any other search engine, you will be able to get maximum traffic in case that your website is on the first page of search results. Therefore, to make your website appear there, you are in need of SEO. If you do it appropriately, you are likely to have your website on the top page of a search result in concern with the relevant keyword.

Now, being a newbie, you might want to learn about the SEO tools and SEO tutorials. There are many different tools and tutorial sites available to you on the web. Thus, you might find yourself confused and tangled about which one you must choose and which one you should leave. By looking at the use, popularity and the content, we bring to you some of the best SEO tools and SEO tutorial sites.

SEO Tutorials

If you are interested in learning the SEO, the following platforms may come handy. These are:

  • The beginner guide to SEO by MOZ: If you are looking for a starting point, this is where you must begin your journey. Moz is a place for bloggers that gives various resources to them. It helps the bloggers in analyzing things and doing SEO. Therefore, you need to ensure that they have the up to date content that will help you in doing effective SEO.
  • Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide by Google: Talking about the Search Engine, Google has also made the optimization guide. The experts at Google have done the algorithm of website ranking so why not check the guide that they are providing for optimization? A 32-page guide that may help you in rocking the Google ranking.
  • Guide to SEO by Search Engine Land: This guide will also serve as a good starting point. It will have a SlideShare presentation teaching you the “periodic table of SEO” that contains various elements required to establish a successful SEO strategy. Then, there are about nine chapters containing material regarding the topic in question.
  • How to do SEO by webinar: Whether you are a beginner level SEO personal or an average one, you can benefit highly from this guide if webinar. It provides you with the readings of both basic and intermediate levels, guiding you about tools and flow of the work.
  • SEO to grow your business by DocStoc: When you consider SEO as a business, it is highly important for you. It helps in increasing your business, bringing more traffic to the official site of your business and increasing the sales. Whether it is about the products, services, marketing or whatever else you have, the SEO can highly boost your income. There is a guide to DocStoc and videos that will help you in tracking the customers and how you can make more by understanding their requirements and interests.

SEO tools

Our privacy policy states we will help you about how to extract data from the source. How that extracted data can be used as information. The authenticity of the information is highly regarded in our privacy policy.Now, it is likely that the mentor you have will recommend some SEO tools to you. Whether you are learning online on your own or you are on a paid course, you are likely to use the tools that you get from your mentor. Here, we provide to you some of the best SEO tools that will help you in eliminating the errors from your site and increasing the traffic flow.

  • Google Page Speed Insights: If you want to check the usability and speed of your website on various devices, you can use this tool. Just enter the URL, and the tool will guide you about the user experience on your site. In case that certain things need correction, the tool will point them out for you.
  • MOZ local listing score: MOZ takes data from around 15 different sites to ensure that your website listing is complete. The better listing means that there are greater backlinks and better authority of the page. In case that there are inconsistent or incomplete listings, the tool will point towards them.
  • Keyword If you are into the SEO, you will be aware of the importance of keywords. Moreover, the long tail keywords are also taking over the rankings. Enter a keyword in this tool, and you get a list of long tail keyword ideas.
  • Google Analytics: Google has always been of great importance for the SEO experts. This analytics engine will help you in tracking the activity of people on your website. It provides you the insight of sessions and will help you in knowing about the interest of people.
  • Google Webmaster and Bing Webmaster: Google and Bing are probably the two greatest search engines around on the internet. The webmaster tools will help you in analyzing your site from these search engines. You will get to know about the bugs, errors, things that make your site difficult to crawl and similar other information. Using this, you will be able to clear out the issues and get your site to top numbers in the rankings.
  • Google keyword planner: If you want a keyword planner to give you appropriate search volume and relevant terms in concern with a keyword, go to this keyword planner. You will be able to extract almost all sorts of keyword analysis data by the help of this keyword planner. Moreover, you can make your monthly strategy and download it in the form of an excel file.
  • Google Trends: Do you love to blog about what is trending? If yes, then the search trends will come handy from you. It will help you in knowing about what people are searching for these days. So, you can write the blog posts accordingly.

The above are certain sites that will help you in learning SEO through the SEO tutorials and SEO guides. The tools below it will make your SEO work easier as using them; you will be able to gather the data required for analysis and improvement of your site.