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Our terms of service directly acknowledge the information security. We make sure that information we are using or finding must be kept under tabs.If you are a person who is linked to SEO and online marketing, you will be willing to know about the helpful tools. People usually say that the strategy is something that is critical when you talk about marketing. However, along with strategy, you need to have tools in your bag. These tools help you in analyzing things in a better0020way, and you can vary your strategy accordingly to have the best results. In this article, we are going to talk about some great SEO, Digital Marketing, and Internet marketing tools.

SEO tools

The following is a list of certain helpful SEO tools:

  • Google page speed insights: The Google page speed insight analyze the page in concern with the user experience. Users do not like sites that come with bugs and similar issues. They hate the ones that take a lot of time to load. Thus, considering the requirements of the users, Google analyzes the website and will let you know about the user experience. Moreover, if there is something to be improved, you will be guided about that too.
  • Keyword tool io: If you are looking for a keyword tool that will give you the long tail keywords, go for this one. It is a tool which will intake the simple keywords from you and will provide you with the long tail keyword ideas.
  • Google Analytics: If you are an SEO expert, you need to have the knowledge of Google It is a place where you can track the users’ activity on your page. Know about the number of users that came to your site, their time, their activities, their interests and similar other relevant data that will help you in improving your site a lot.
  • Webmaster tools from Google and Bing: As you know that for SEO, you need your site to completely index and you need your URLs to be bug-free. The webmaster tools from these two search engines will help you in analyzing the data of a website and will help you in knowing what are different errors that you need to clear out.
  • Browse: Want to know how search engine spiders see your website? This tool will help you in figuring it out and making any changes. It is highly helpful as you get to know the thing spiders will see and can bring improvement in those things.

The other helpful tools include SEO site checkup, search metrics web analyzer, find broken links, ahrefs’ site explorer and backlink checker and much more.

Internet Marketing Tools

Certain tools will help you in internet marketing. There are multiple ways with which people proceed with the job of internet marketing. Considering it, we are going to guide you about a diverse range of tools for IM.

  • Email marketing with infusion soft: InfusionSoft is a software that is not for beginners. It is due to the cost of it. Although, it worth the price as it provides you with some great features including the automatic replies, regular mail deliveries and much more.
  • Content marketing with Buzzsumo: Buzzsumo helps you in sharing the content on a particular topic. You can filter the content in concern with your requirements. Moreover, there are also advanced features that include the monitoring and influencers which will help you in leading the competition.
  • Graphic design and visual content with Canvas: Canvas helps you in proceeding with easy and fast designing. As the tagline says “amazingly simple graphic design software,” it is just perfect with what it states. Just a bit of change and clicks and you will be able to create excellently
  • Social media with Buffer: The Buffer is a social media tool that helps in automating the posts for your social sites. These include the updating of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. You can schedule the posts and shorten the links along with the social analytics. It is hard to find such a handy social media helping tool.
  • Marketing scheduling with the CoSchedule: The CoSchedule is a planner that enables you to plan your marketing. It will help you in building the strategies and scheduling the works. If you are looking for something that will organize the data and strategy, this is what you must look forward to. The integration with Chrome, WordPress, Google Docs and Evernote

Digital marketing

If you are into digital marketing, the following are some digital marketing tools for you:

  • Hubspot for digital sales and marketing: The Hubspot is a platform that is almost free to use. It enables you to craft your email templates, share documents and the integration with Gmail and Outlook helps you in scheduling your emails. It also provides you a free software for customer relationship management which you might want to upgrade to pro version for $50 per person each month.
  • Boomerang email marketing: Boomerang email marketing is a software that comes with the integration of Gmail, Outlook, and Android. There are plenty of email management tools that will help you in managing your account. You can schedule emails, read the receipts and send reminders to your followers.
  • Content creation with Apester: Apester is a tool that will help you in creating the content that enables you to interact with your users. It will be helpful for you if you wish to interact with your visitors. You can display the engaging content in front of your visitors using this tool.
  • Video editing with Instagram video: Instagram video helps you in creating a 60 seconds video. You can apply various filters to it and make the changes in it. Perhaps not what most people wish to have, but it is free and easy to use.
  • The video is making with Powtoon: Do you wish to create the animated videos? If yes, then head over to the site of Powtoon. It will enable you to create custom animated videos with several prebuilt templates and graphics to help you.

Our terms of service encourage use of in-house marketing strategies. We don’t accept outside info.Our foundation lays strict rules of our research.So, these are some SEO, internet marketing, and digital marketing tools. You can use them as per your ease. Note that it is not necessary that a tool which is appropriate for your friend should be good for you too. Your tactics and approach may differ from his approach and tactics.