What is Google Analytics (Google Analytics) in the field of web analytics is very powerful, to say the least in the free profiling tools is the most powerful. Google Analytics can help website online performance tracking.
Google Analytics Google Analytics

What is Google Analytics

How to Use Google Analytics

Many companies invest a lot of time and money for marketing to bring more traffic to their website.However, it is clear that many Companies businesses can not effectively monitor how the results of their efforts. Many of them have heard of Google Analytics (Google Analytics), but not everyone is aware of how useful this tool for their business for the tool.

In summary, data from Google Analytics to analyze the site is so important, because they provide business owners to see the indicators website quickly. How much time users spend visiting your site? How the site bounce rate like? What equipment users visit the site? Percentage of users use mobile devices to access the site is how much?

Know the answers to these questions can help you better understand your website visitors, where they come from, what they want to do, so as to provide greater access to you, and to meet what their needs are.

how to Use Google Analytics

What is Google Analytics

Google Analytics Analytics report analyzes four key areas are: the audience (who is accessing your site), channels (source access, how users are coming to your site), behavior (users on your site to do something), the conversion (users accomplish their goals you set conditions to include transaction).

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Google analyzes website to give what?

Marketing campaign optimization: Learn what kind of marketing activities more effectively, optimize marketing campaigns.

Website usability improvements: Start deep content analysis to understand what users browse content on your site, users are more interested in what.

What is Google Analytics Work

Target audience identification: by understanding the user’s location, age, gender, and interests, you can create a Web site that contains advertising and promotional activities that interest.

Budget allocation optimization: By using Google Analytics (Analysis) report, you can quickly determine where best to invest further in the budget, choose better promotion channels


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